Ben Dussault

Quebec born Ben Dussault is known for being a heavy hitter, having toured the world playing drums with well respected and notorious Montreal, New York, California hardcore bands.

On the road full time for several years, One passion fell into another- personal training. Helping other musicians or crew successfully lead healthier lifestyles in non-classic and brutal workout environments was enough to motivate him to transition from nomad to home-dad (though husband first).

His knowledge of movement and training started from city streets, highways, crammed backstages though ended up in textbooks and classrooms. In the presence and mind of other pros, he watched their styles, picked their minds and questioned as much as he could to keep fuelling his need to be the best teacher he could be.

Day to day Improvisation was and still is his strength, Motivated to keep workouts real, raw, challenging but more importantly fun. If the road taught him anything it was to be adaptable, to roll smoothly into every new environment and to keep smashing through boundaries. These years of trial and error have served him as his clients well.

Ben took a leap in fulfilling a life goal, creating and opening a community-friendly space that is:

Anchored Social Club- where Everyone is Welcome to come pay respect to the body they were designed to live in.

We look forward to meeting it and you.

Love and many thanks.


Lucy Hill – Personal Trainer

Lucy Hill is an actor and artist with a passion for movement and group-motivated training.

Born in Edmonton, AB, and raised in Regina, SK, Lucy started off playing teams sports as a kid which led to competing in triathlons as a teenager.

Looking for a physical practice that would support her work as an actor, Lucy began training in CrossFit and achieved her Level 1 Certification in 2009. That same year Lucy began coaching at Flux CrossFit in Regina where she trained people with a variety of backgrounds, body types, and abilities. During her time at Flux, Lucy had the opportunity to train under Ido Portal — a renowned movement teacher who draws influences from gymnastics, dance, capoeira, olympic lifting, and much more.

Since then, Lucy has been continuing to learn and train from individuals all over Canada which has led her to become especially interested in gymnastics and complex movement patterns that demand/increase both strength and mobility. She also loves a good old fashioned high-intensity, heart-pumping, kick-in-the-pants workout.